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ADgenus provides reliable, effective, fast delivered Web Advertising and Website Design & Development at an affordable price including Web Hosting and 7 day a week technical support. We also offer Logo Design, Business Cards, Brochures and more!


ADgenus UK & International Directory it the place where you can find detailed classifications of Advertised Companies.

The majority of listed companies in our Directory are our clients also.

ADgenus Directory

Our most popular services are desired because of their high quality, affordable prices & great results.


We provide a wide range of Solutions for you and your business.

  • Web Adverts

    With our Online Advertising solutions everything is simpler, cheaper and faster than ever before. Advertise Now for £21.00 ONLY!

    Website Design Standard

    Our first Website service is the Standard Website. With our Standard Websites customers get a professional customisable 5 page solution for £89.00 ONLY!! This is an amazing prise so do not waste time and contact us to get one!

    Website Design Extended & Custom

    Website Design Custom / Extended - Do you require more dynamic Website designs with even more options included at a very low price. Our Website Design Custom / Extended will cover your needs!

    Website Design - No Contract

    You don't want any contract or commitment? Then this is the Website Design solution you are looking for!! Our Website Design - No Contract Solution is for those who only need a website without commitments.

  • Logo Design

    An attractive and professional logo design gives the best impression of your company. ADgenus has a creative design team to create astonishing logo designs.

    Design & Print Services

    ADgenus has passed graphics to another level, our designers study your target market and create designs that make a difference.

    Mobile Websites

    With ADgenus Mobile Websites you can tailor your Mobile Website to match your clients' precise needs and include all necessary information for them to see.


    At ADgenus we also offer Search Engine Optimization services at affordable prices. Contact us Now in order to talk about improving your website's position and gain more visitors to your website.

    Web Hosting

    We offer both Managed and Un-Managed Hosting sor your website. We're always only a phone call or email away. Contact us in order to talk about your Hosting needs.

    Domain Names

    Get a co.uk, com, org etc Domain Name with Hosting and up to 3 e-mail addresses (3GB Capacity) i.e. sales@yourcompany's name.co.uk or just get a New Domain that can redirect to an exisiting site.